Grocery Shopping


Richard and I went grocery shopping the other Chateau Gonflable day. We did most of it at Kroger but ended up having to get a few things at Wally World. Our plan is simplicity and obviously light Inflatable Water Park For Sale weight. Carbs aren’t really that hard to get on the trail. We will definitely be eating a lot of pasta (yes ramen) , rice and couscous. Those are simple Commercial Inflatable Water Slides things that you just add water to. We tried to pick up some packets of stuff that will have different flavors. Salt and Pepper and Tabasco are pretty much our only condiments.

The difficult things that your body needs are fruits/vegetables and Springburgen verkaufen protein. Protein will mainly come in the form of tuna packets and nuts (peanuts/trail mix/ and peanut butter) with the occasional summer sausage. As for avoiding scurvy we are trying out these little fruit cups in jello and whatever nutrients come from jelly and pop tart filling. Inflatable Tent For Sale When we do go in town we will try to eat as much red meat and vegetables. We figure we will be able to carry a day or two worth of fruits like apples, bananas and oranges. If your thinking about how we are going to eat our pb&js since all forms of bread will most likely get smushed; we think we have it figured out. Tortillas. Yes it is another bland dry food but it should help and it will at least be better than squeezing the pb&j into our mouths.

To get keep the worry warts at bay (our mothers and grandmothers) we will be taking a multi vitamin even though Ricky thinks it makes his urine smell funny. I’m sure the days if not weeks of extensive exercise without a shower will produce fowl smells and this really shouldn’t be a worry. On a side note I am getting over an illness and Ricky just got over one. We are planning a short one night hike for Tuesday and Wednesday so you’ll hear about that.