Practice hike for the AT

So this past Tuesday and Wednesday Brandon and I went on our practice hike to test out our equipment. We hiked a portion of the Bartram trail in north Georgia near the North Carolina state line. We didn’t hike far maybe 7 to 8 miles in and the same out, but distance was not our concern. The weather was a bit on the chilly side and it was accentuated by the wind. This was especially so at our campsite Windy Gap. Maybe not such a good decision looking back but we did surprisingly well in our two man half dome REI tent. We got a chance to use our cookware and water-filtration as well. The stove can boil up a pot of water pretty fast 4-5 minutes or so (MSR international) and has the luxury of burning just about any fuel imaginable. Some things that we decided we need to carry for the real deal in ten days is a waterproof bear bag, some warm socks, warm clothing in general, and some more stuff sacks for our equipment. All in all the hike was a success and we found a few things we would change.

Brandon and I also stopped by a used bookstore yesterday and picked up some books to mail to ourselves on the trail. The books we found were: The Hot Zone, The Last of the Mohican’s, Robinson Crusoe, Crime and Punishment, Catch 22, Lord Jim, Old Man and the Sea, and Mosquitoes. If anyone has suggestions for books we have to read let us know.