Mail Drops-explained

Just wanted you to guys to know that there is a new tab up top. Its an explanation of mail drops and where we plan on doing them. Basically its certain points along the trail where we will be able to Hüpfburg verkaufen receive mail from friends and family. So if your interested in just mailing us a letter or a package filled with goodies (encouraged) then this will be the place to do it. Whenever we can find the Structure Gonflable internet we will of course check in on the site and read your comments. The section gives a How-T0 on the mail drops but if you have any questions just let us know.

We leave in two days and I’m pretty excited about it. Like a predicted we still have a few things to take care of but I’m not overly worried about it. If you know me I’m not overly worried about Giant Inflatable Water Slide anything so it might scare some of you. We’ve had a bunch of people sign up in the last couple of days and its encouraging. Inflatable Tent For Sale I hope you all enjoy the site and keep up with it. Also remember to tell your friends that know us about it or anyone who is interested in our journey in general.

It has been freezing the last couple of days and that is not very exciting. We may have underestimated how cold it will be but we will survive. It’s not the days I’m concerned about but the nights Toddler Bouncy Castle For Sale and those early mornings where you have to force yourself to get out of your sleeping bag. Just remember when you wake up in your big bed with a comforter and central heat that there are people sleeping on the cold ground in a tent. But I guess we signed up for this. Pray for warm weather or Boy Scouts who like to build fires.

- Brandon