A Tri-Trail Completed

The guys checked in this weekend from near Apple Orchard Mountain, VA or 755 miles from Springer. This marks over 1/3 of the hike completed with only 1419 miles left to go!

They are still in great spirits and spent a good bit of the conversation telling me how great their beards look. I mentioned that we need pictures and they should be sending those to Ben to post pretty soon.  They also mentioned that the weather was turning warm which meant their body musk has increased and they have been attracting mosquitoes.

They also requested a strange mail-drop be sent to Waynesboro, VA. Only 3 items were requested: mosquito repellant, SOFT toilet paper and naproxen for achy joints. I guess there are some comforts of home we
just take for granted sometimes. Brandon also said that Roundhouse had splurged for some $25 insoles for his shoes and that he would be following suit at the next WalMart. Brandon, the economist (Tightwad!) has decided some things are just worth the money!

I (Brandon’s Dad) will be meeting them May 5th in Harpers Ferry, WV and walk the Maryland section with them. If you want to send them a mail-drop, send it to Harpers Ferry, WV 25425 with their names, “AT Thru-hiker” and an ETA of May 5th. They would love to have any encouraging notes with news and junk food which they eat immediately so please limit those quantities.

Brandon still does not have a trail name and I plan to fix that before I leave them in PA. So, if you have any suggestions, leave them as a comment to this post and I will take them with me.