Moving on up…

Well we are in Waynesboro. 850 miles in and still trucking. We have recently picked up the mileage a little bit. In four days we did something like 88 Jeux Gonflables miles (three of those days being in the rain). Jumping Castle For Sale Out biggest day was 25 and half miles and we both made it before dark Inflatable Slide For Sale which is a good thing. The terrain is a little easier but almost everyday we make several climbs well over one or two thousand feet.

Waynesboro is a nice town and everything is inflatable water park within reasonable walking distance. (almost anything is reasonable to us now). No hostel so we don’t think we are going to Inflatable Theme Park pull a zero. Just stretch our time out in the Shennys. (not sure how to spell it so I used hiker slang).

We’ve met some cool people Aire De Jeux Gonflable the last couple of days. Most of them being sectioners. I guess we are ahead of the pack. Not a bad thing. It is starting to heat up so we sent home our winter gear Toddler Bouncy Castle For Sale today. Lady said everything weighed 6 pounds so not to shabby. I also got some new insoles for my shoes.

We are excited about meeting my dad at Harpers Ferry, WV (that’s right WEST VIRGINIA. I guess we’ve been here a while). It will not only be a friendly face but also the unofficial halfway point. Unofficial being as it is only 60 miles or so from the halfway point and the biggest town near it. I would say we are seasoned hikers by now. People look at us on the trail and know we are thru hiking. (and yes our beards are very awesome). It could also be the smell because we went 14 days without a showers so naturally we don’t smell like flowers.

Thats all I can think of at this moment. We are just under 40% completed and still loving everyday. (Some mountains and bad weather we consider unnecessary but who doesn’t). If you would like to send us anything at Harpers Ferry if you can get it out Monday or Tuesday of next week it will be good. We plan on getting there the 4th. Thanks to all those following us and if we met you on the trail let us know where you are.

- Trill

(of yeah, I have a trail name and it is Trill.)