Through The Shenandoah

Just got a call from the hikers and they are in Front Royal, VA and have made it through the Shenandoah National Park. I thought this section would be one of the prettiest of the trail but they seemed to like the Great Smokies better. It had less roads, more seclusion, higher peaks and nicer views. The rain may have had some influence on their opinion. They got snow as late as April 29th.

They are now 957 miles along the way and looking forward to Harper’s Ferry and the half-way mark. They are having to slow down a little to time our meeting there on Monday but they can get there early and enjoy the Conservancy and get some rest. They will need it to keep up with me when I get there.

They did finally see a bear! It was not a close encounter but were having lunch with some others by a road a saw one cross the road some distance away. Brandon, too bad you can’t top my bear/hiking encounter yet. Hopefully you never will.

They are making good time and have only had 2 hikers pass them that started earlier than March 1. They are well ahead of the big pack and estimate their finish around the end on July. I did not think they could do it that fast but they continue to beat my estimates. They are also meeting lots of cool hikers that are mostly section hiking. One they met had been section hiking for years and finally this year he was completing his last section. He is in his 70’s. How cool is that!

They will have Internet in Harper’s Ferry so they will catch up on all your comments and will be able to post again themselves. I have already told them NO MORE CLIFF SITTING!