WOAH….we’re halfway there… Woah.. Livin on a prayer..

Not really the best place to update the inflatable tent blog but I’ll let you know that all is well. We got packages from family and a nice little box from AUO. Nice suprise. Thanks to all of you. We love Inflatable Park getting packages and just seeing what could be in them. Im currently at the Appalachian Trail Conference HQ here in Harpers Ferry. It isn’t the exact halfway point but http://www.auontheat.com/2008/03/08/good-bye-georgia it is called the mental halfway point. Two days ago we passed the Inflatable Water Park 1000 mile marker. We were impressed tente gonflable that we had walked through the mountains a 1000 miles but then were overshaddowed a little bit  that more than that awaits us.

We met up with my dad and are hiking about 16 miles Parcours Obstacle Gonflable today. He got a jump start and we are going to leave right now and catch up with him. Want to say hi to James from New York, Inflatable Games For Sale New York. You can send us a message on the site and we’ll exchange contact info and maybe hook up around your area of town. Also Jeux Gonflables Kyle and Ryan, we are coming to Penn so you better be ready to handle us.