We’ve got good news and bad news…

Always good news first. We’ll we officially made it halfway. Pretty good feeling knowing you have gone past half way. There is a state park near the halfway point and in this state park is a campstore. The campstore puts on the “Half Gallon Challenge”. Any flavor of ice cream in any time frame. You just half to eat a half gallon of it. Parcours Obstacle Gonflable The record is just under 4 minutes. Think about that for a minute. Roundhouse took his down in 12 minutes and it took me just under half an hour. Roundhouse amazingly went back and got a second half gallon. Thats right he ate a whole gallon. Also take some time to think about that.

It rained on us for about 5 days which kinda inflatable water slide for sale stinks but lucky for us we got picked up by my friends in PA. Ryan and Kyle are two brothers that me and my brothers met last Inflatable Tent year outside Barcelona. Nice to see them again. Also nice to be in a college town for a couple of days. Tons of restaurants and tons of people your age. I felt like I fit in (minus the beard). Some people would ask us what we were doing and we told them we walked here. From Georgia.

The bad news is that Roundhouse has had to sign off the trial. He has some family issues he has to deal with so I will be tredging on solo. Everyone is real bummed. I’ll admit that I am not as excited Inflatable Obstacle Course For Sale as normal to be getting back on the trail. I know a couple of days in the woods and my head will be clear. Best case is I can turn the heat up and catch up to some of our buddies and hike with them. Or maybe some cool cats caught up to me and I’ll be able to hike with them for a while. It is definitely going to be different.