Ivy League

Well I am back on a college campus. Kinda. Dartmouth is in summer session and the only students here are rising juniors. The campus is filled however with high school and college students from all over doing camps and workshops. Almost everyone we meet is not a student but still a cool place.

We are currently staying at the co-ed fraternity Chateau Gonflable house of Phi Tau. They put up thru-hikers during the summer and let us crash in their “movie room” in the basement. Living in a fraternity inflatable obstacle course for sale house is much different the woods and the change is welcomed for a little while at least. I say we because Allgood, Sunnyside and Pebble are all staying there. We actually all zeroed today and good thing because is rained buckets. It has actually been raining Inflatable Slide for like the last week solid. Usually only about half the day but still not very fun. One day we just sat in the shelter till 5pm and hiked till about 1am.

Vermont is over with and “The Whites” loom. Should be about three days before I get into them. They complicate things a little bit because there aren’t any shelters. Instead they have ‘huts’. Which are run by the AMC and charge 90 bucks a night to stay in. Thru hikers have to show up before 6 and usually can get a Inflatable Park ‘work for stay’ which includes cleaning up or helping out to avoid the 90 dollar charge. It will also be the first time we get above tree line which makes my hammock worthless. Literally everyone talks about the whites all the time. I am sure their beauty will stand up to their reputation. I got my winter gear back because of the unpredictability of the weather. Should be fun and I am pumped.