“The Whites”

Trill has sent in some pictures from his trek through the Whites!

(left and right arrow keys to navigate, esc to exit)


  1. Sunset from fire warden’s tower (before the whites)
  2. Sunset from fire warden’s tower (before the whites)2
  3. Sunset from fire warden’s tower (before the whites)3
  4. Moosiauke fog
  5. Moosiauke summit during storm
  6. Moosiauke
  7. Brandon at Moosiauke
  8. the amazing morning view I had at Beaver Brook Shelter (if you notice it was before 6am)
  9. an Intense section of trail in the whites
  10. Franconia Ridge (whites)
  11. Mount Layfayette (whites)
  12. Galehead Hut (whites)
  13. Webster cliffs (whites)
  14. somewhere above treeline (whites)
  15. mount washington (whites)
  16. view of Pinkham Notch
  17. Self Portrait
  18. Main Border
  19. Border Sign
  20. Brandon and Border Sign
  21. Last night’s sunset
  22. Mahoosic Notch
  23. Mahoosic Notch2
  24. Mahoosic Notch3