Mail Drops

Mail Drops are crucial. Not really. Dang I just started and already lying. Mail drops are places along the trail where Ricky and I will go into town to resupply. We have specifically picked a couple of places where we know we will stop and because of this people (you) will be able to mail something to us. Be it just letters of news and well wishes or packages with homemade treats (encouraged) and things we will not be able to buy in the small mountain towns of the Appalachia.

The way it works is that you mail your item(s) in a box to the address given. You write one of our names up top, followed by ‘general delivery’, then the address. Then a small note ‘Hold for northbound A.T. Hiker’ and a general ETA. (that’s estimated time of arrival for all you non-aviation/military types and those who don’t use anagrams).


Brandon McMath
General Delivery
Fort Montgomery, NY 10922

Hold for northbound A.T. Hiker
ETA May 15th

We have about 4 places where you will be able to just mail it to the actual post office. Since we have no way of calculating when we will be at these mail drops we will check in with someone who will post on this site with our ETA. I figure all packages should be mailed at least 10 days before we think we will get there to make sure we don’t miss it.

Ricky and I are also fortunate enough to be having a couple of people meet up with us on the trail. My dad will be meeting us at the halfway point (Harper’s Ferry) and Rick’s uncle a little bit before that near Roanoke. In these cases you can just mail stuff directly to them and they will bring it to us (hopefully and appreciatively).

Here is a list of our Mail drops:

  • Roan Mountain, TN 37687
    Estimated Distance from the start – 300 miles
  • Pearisburg, VA 24134
    Estimated Distance from the start – 550 miles
  • Meeting my Dad John at Harper’s FerryMail to: John and Sandy McMath
    1806 Oak Ridge Circle
    Stone Mountain, GA 30087
    Estimated Distance from the start – 1000 miles
  • Fort Montgomery, NY 10922
    Estimated Distance from the start – 1350 miles
  • Glencliff, NH 03238
    Estimated Distance from the start – 1800 miles

I would ask for victory cigars and champagne at the last one but 400 miles is a long way to carry spoils for the finish line. Remember if you do plan on sending something, check back with the site because ETAs will change depending on how fast we hike. Anything sent will be extremely appreciated.