Cheddar and Syrup.

That is what people think Vermont has to offer. They call it the green state. Let me tell you it is VERY green. I’ve really enjoyed hiking in this state. Constantly surrounded by dense forests with spruces and firs. The only problem I see is that people are focused on “the Whites”. They have an allure to themselves. Ever since Georgia people have been talking about them. The inflatable park difficulty and being above treeline and the limited camping spots. Frankly, I’ll see them when I see them. I’m really enjoying Vermont.

The other day Allgood and I ran into a maintence crew working on the trail. Of course we volunteered to help. We ended up carrying 4″x12″x10′ boards about 1/4 mile up hill. Pretty good work out Inflatable Water Slides but we were glad to give a little back to the trail that has given us so much. Turns out one of the other volunteers lived in Manchester Chateau Gonflable Center and told us how to get into contact with him when we got there. He ended up letting Allgood, Sunnyside, Pebble and myself stay with him. Just more of the amazing generosity you find on the trail.

I am currently in Rutland, VT. I am staying with a religious group called the Twelve Tribes. You should check them out at They are a community based religious group Jumping Castle For Sale that lives together, share everything and are self sustaining. Their tagline is “Come for a day, or to stay.” I’ll be moving on though. Maybe after I catch Indiana Jones.

There is a good possibility I will be in this weeks Plainsman. If you have a chance to pick one up, I’d apprecaite it if you saved me a copy. My parents got my football tickets while I was gone but no Alabama away ticket. I don’t get it. 15 hours short of graduation and no tickets available at the time of registering.

As for my timeline, I’ll probably be in Hanover, New Hampshire in 3 or 4 days. Thats the home of the Ivy League school Dartmouth. I wonder what they will think of my beard and sometimes southern drawl. I have less than 500 miles to go. One step at a time.



Just heard from Trill and he is in Manchester Center VT and sleeping indoors. Allgood and he were hiking Monday and ran into some people that were doing trail maintenance, I assume from the Green Mountain Club but he did not say. They helped them carry some whopping big timbers about a mile into the trail and they were so thankful, they invited them to spend the night at one of their homes in Manchester Center. So, Trill was excited to shower, laundry and charge his cell phone.

He is currently with Allgood and 2 other hikers , Sunny side and Pebble at the home . (Hope I got that right) He was hiking with Master Alex as well but unfortunately, MA was almost certain he had Lyme Disease and checked into a hospital for tests. Trill had heard he has been released and did a bit of slack-packing but plans to return to Quebec for a few days before picking the trail back up. Good luck to you Master Alex. Heal fast.

Watch for Trill to possibly hit the headlines soon. The Sports Editor of the Auburn Plainsman (the Auburn University student paper) returned a call from Trill’s Mom and may want to do a special interest story on him and Roundhouse for the paper. Brandon has talked to her and she plans to ask him some questions for a story. How cool is that! She is also considering a weekly progress update so all his work buddies at the Auburn-Opelika Airport can track him. Be sure to save us a copy FlightEd.

Trill’s next mail drop will be Hanover, NH and he expects to be there 6/23 so you best send anything quickly to reach him. Guess what I am to send….. all his winter gear he sent home back in late April. he wants his fleece, gloves and cap for the Whites (Mountains). I know Mt. Washington has its horror stories but it is hard to sit in 90 degrees and think about being cold.

He is in good spirits and is enjoying the journey more now than racking off the miles. Continue to pray for his safety and strength but also add that God begins preparing him for the finish. Plunging back into the “Real World” will come soon! Katahdin is only a little over a month and 538 miles away.


About time..

It’s about time for a picture update and Trill has finally been able to find a computer to upload some pictures. I’ve included Trill’s description of the photos below.

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Auburn Lookout in PADan’s Pulpit in PAOld zinc mining mountain that destroyed the veg.Master alex calling QuebecRattlesnake in NJEntering NYAllgood and Master AlexAllgood and Master Alex at RPH ShelterLast bit of NYConn BorderMaster Alex looking over a cliff near Great Falls , ConnUs on top of Bear MountainMass. BorderMt. Everett from a distanceUpper Goose Pond CabinUpper Goose Pond

  1. Auburn lookout in PA
  2. Dan’s Pulpit in PA.
  3. Old zinc mining mountain that destroyed the veg.
  4. Master alex calling Quebec
  5. Rattlesnake in NJ
  6. Entering NY
  7. Allgood and Master Alex
  8. Allgood and Master Alex at RPH Shelter
  9. Last bit of NY
  10. Conn. Border
  11. Master Alex looking over a cliff near Great Falls , Conn
  12. Us on top of Bear Mountain
  13. Mass. Border
  14. Mt. Everett from a distance
  15. Upper Goose Pond Cabin
  16. Upper Goose Pond

The Journey is the Destination

I have come 1565.9 miles and today will be leaving Massachusetts and entering my 12th state. Vermont has been looming over our heads for a while and we finally get to see what it is made of. Today I will also traverse the highest point in Massachusetts at Mount Inflatable Obstacle Course Greylock. Surprisingly Connecticut and Massachusetts jumping castle for sale have been some of my favorite parts of the trail. True, they are short but in these short miles is such a varying landscape and you can really see the changing of the forest.


I have been with Master Alex and Allgood for about the last three weeks. With them I have really slowed down and learned to enjoy the trail in a different way. I am surprised that I enjoy everyday more than the last. We do exactly what we want whenever we want to. One of our Bouncy Castle With Slide For Sale favorite things was our zero at Upper Goose Pond Cabin. I had been hearing about this since Georgia from my friend Wanderer. Well we took Structure Gonflable the day off and swam, did laundry in the pond, took the canoe out, read, napped. Perfect day. Even got to watch the biggest thunderstorm so far surround us from the covered porch. I missed my friend, Wanderer, being there but by chance I found his number.


So right now I am at his lovely home with his lovely wife. I got dinner, shower, laundry, a bed. It is impossible to describe to you what these are worth to us. (It had been 2 weeks without a shower for me and 3 and half for Allgood). All of this from someone I met my first week. That is another amazing thing you get to witness on the trail. The absolute generosity and kindness of people in every form. There is no way I will be able to the thank my friend for all he has done for me but it is hard for me to even to seem as grateful and appreciative as I am. I don’t think I thank people enough who just give me an orange on the trail. You talk to any hiker and they will tell you stories of the nicest people they have met on the trail. It’s just magic.


But unfortunately this trail has an end and we are approaching it. I only have 610.3 miles left of my journey and then it is over.  We talk almost daily about being afraid of the end. What will we do and how will we describe this to someone? We will try but we have all come to the conclusion that it is impossible. That feeling when you get up. That you want to go hiking. The dreams of food and the comfort and hitching with strangers. The friendships you bond and just the way the forest and mountain tops make you think.


The end is also not guaranteed. Master Alex got off 10 miles back to go to the hospital because he is 95% sure he has lyme disease. Allgood found out two friends got off in Vermont. One do to lack of fun anymore and the other snapped a tibia in the woods. But we trudge on with no certainties.


Connected in Connecticut

Just heard from Trill a few minutes ago.  He has not had phone coverage the last few days so it was good to hear his voice.   The last contact we had was the package we received yesterday from Kent, CT sent 6/3.  It was his stove and fuel bottles…no note,  so we were very interested in how and what he was eating.  He said a hiking friend has made him a stove out of 2 Pepsi cans that burns alcohol that he finds available in more places. Cutting weight!  We can’t imagine what is left in his pack, but he says he has one of the heaviest packs of his hiking group.

He is still with Master Alex and All Good near Prospect Mountain, CT . Brandon said that CT is very pretty and they have slowed down and are enjoying the trail.  He thinks Don Juan is a little behind him because he got off the trail to visit some friends.  Dynamite is ahead of him because Trill and MA also took a zero day yesterday at the shelter.  They have had some rain so some days they get big miles, some days they sit out the rain.  He is doing well and will post the next time he is at a computer.  Cell coverage was spotty so we did not get much info but he did say he was doing well and hopes to climb Katahdin between the middle to the end of July.  He is still seeing snakes “oh I see them every day”  but only the harmless varieties.  Also saw a few foxes (I think he meant the 4-legged kind but he did not go into detail) in NY.

We also got a phone message from Roundhouse this week .  He is doing well and encouraged Trill to “finish the trail!”  I am certain that one day RH will pick back up in PA and finish it himself.  The AT will always be there, just like RH’s new found love for hiking in the woods.  If you read this RH which I am sure you will, we can’t remember what those rare plants were we saw in Md.  Some kind of apple or something.  Your horticulture knowledge is sorely missed.

Watch out for the rocks and keep dry socks,

On to Maine!


The Sunshine State.

New Jersey. Been pretty sunny the last couple of days. Got into the high 80’s yesterday which means a lot of water drinking. Still knocking out those miles and moving on up. Spent a Inflatable Slide For Sale couple of days with Dynamite Toboggan Gonflable and last night I stayed with Don Juan and Master Alex (a quebecois) in a church hostel here in Vernon. Going to be in Fort Montgomery on the 30th.

Been seeing snakes everyday (non poisonous) and bouncy castle with slide for sale also the ticks are out. Saw my first fox yesterday as well. Just finished resupplying and we are about to head back out to Inflatable Games the trail. Pretty short and boring update but I’m on dial up so my patience is thin. Hope all is well with everyone and you’ll hear from me further up the trail.



Pennsylvania ROCKS ! and The Sun is Shining!

Thats right believe it or not today is a beautiful day. Maybe that is nothing new for y’all down south or around the world but it is a great relief here. It has rained something like the last 12 of 13 days I’ve been on the trail. We even got hail a few times and can see our breath every night and morning. I keep trying to explain to my yankee friends that this is not normal for the end of May and I try and remember how hot it is in the dirty south right now.

Also PA is not a very fun trail. Decent views every now and then but the trail is rough. It is either bog, jagged rocks that shread your feet and knees, forest roads inflatable slide for sale that bore you or giant boulders you have to leap to and fro. I’m not complaining. Well yes I am. Everyone is complaining. Toddler Bouncy Castle The shelter registers and everyone you meet on the trail are talking about the rocks. I don’t want to sound like a weenie but it is just much different than what we are used to. One register Toboggan Aquatique Gonflable entry recommended glueing rocks to your shoes so you just constantly stepped on rocks. Lucky for me I only have 15.5 miles left of this state (which I will complete this afternoon) and then it is on to jousey (thats the spelling with the accent).

This weekend is supposed to be a good one which means the trails will probably be crowded. Hopefully my 2 month streak of not having to set up my hammock won’t be broken. Hiked a couple Inflatable Water Slides For Sale of days with Strides who I met before and after Harpers Ferry. Spent the last 5 or 6 nights with Dynamite. He wakes up and leaves before me and hikes faster than me but he counts on me strolling in late in the afternoon. We are currently in town right before Delaware Water Gap. It is easier to resupply here than there so we just have to carry our RIDICULOUS food bags 15 extra miles. He saw a bear the other day but I didn’t have such luck/misfortune (depending on how you look at it). I did however have the scare of my life.

If you honestly worry about me. Stop reading. I’m serious you will wish you had. Okay I warned you.

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Upcoming Mail Drops

I talked to Trill yesterday and he was going into Port Clinton, PA (political comments withheld) to shower up and feed at a hostel there. He was with some other hikers so he is meeting up with others along the way. The last few days have been rainy but he has been knocking down some miles. He also commented that Pennsylvania is just as rocky as he had heard so his feet are a bit sore.

He asked me to update everyone on upcoming mail-drops. He is really enjoying finding surprises at the Post Offices. His next drop will be at Fort Montgomery, NY 10922 with an ETA of 5/29. He likes to get news updates and notes from you guys as well as small treats. The pre-season football poll was a big hit! Remember he is having to carry everything so he either eats everything on the spot or takes the light stuff with him. Trill, Jac has sent you a French box to me and I will forward from here. I bet there is some of that French sausage you like if it gets through Customs and maybe a morel, ramp and ramen recipe.

His next pick-up will be Kent, CT 06757 with an ETA of 6/3.

Kyle, if you want to join him for part of the trail, I have found ways you could fly into NYC and take a bus to Mass and hike the 70 miles of Mass with him. It involves flying to Laguardia or Newark, getting to a bus station and having a 2-3 hour bus ride each way. I expect him to be there around mid-June and I will be glad to set up the travel plans for you. I like figuring out all the connections so just let me know off-line if you decide that’s what you want to do. It will probably take 2 days travel and 4 days hiking but he would enjoy your company. You can also do a 30-mile trek for a total of 3 days if you had rather.


We’ve got good news and bad news…

Always good news first. We’ll we officially made it halfway. Pretty good feeling knowing you have gone past half way. There is a state park near the halfway point and in this state park is a campstore. The campstore puts on the “Half Gallon Challenge”. Any flavor of ice cream in any time frame. You just half to eat a half gallon of it. Parcours Obstacle Gonflable The record is just under 4 minutes. Think about that for a minute. Roundhouse took his down in 12 minutes and it took me just under half an hour. Roundhouse amazingly went back and got a second half gallon. Thats right he ate a whole gallon. Also take some time to think about that.

It rained on us for about 5 days which kinda inflatable water slide for sale stinks but lucky for us we got picked up by my friends in PA. Ryan and Kyle are two brothers that me and my brothers met last Inflatable Tent year outside Barcelona. Nice to see them again. Also nice to be in a college town for a couple of days. Tons of restaurants and tons of people your age. I felt like I fit in (minus the beard). Some people would ask us what we were doing and we told them we walked here. From Georgia.

The bad news is that Roundhouse has had to sign off the trial. He has some family issues he has to deal with so I will be tredging on solo. Everyone is real bummed. I’ll admit that I am not as excited Inflatable Obstacle Course For Sale as normal to be getting back on the trail. I know a couple of days in the woods and my head will be clear. Best case is I can turn the heat up and catch up to some of our buddies and hike with them. Or maybe some cool cats caught up to me and I’ll be able to hike with them for a while. It is definitely going to be different.


Pictures from +12’s Hike

“Plus Twelve” passed on the pictures he was able to take on his recent trip with Roundhouse and Trill.  You can see both of the boys wanted to wish a happy mother’s day to the two moms that are worrying, praying and rooting them on as they have a trip of a lifetime.   Oh and check out those beards!

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